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Diesel engines and spare parts

Distribution of engines and spare parts


We supply engines and spares for agricultural machinery, with low costs and environmental impact.


We specialize in engines and spare parts for construction machinery, for all modern building requirements.


Nautical engines and spare parts supplied by Interdiesel equip yachts, commercial and military naval units.


From local service to long distance tourism, our bus and coach engines offer reliability and low emissions.


In shipyards, ports and where goods are moved, our engines and spare parts for forklifts ensure a reliable, high performance service.


We handle engines and spare parts for railway vehicles such as autoscales, leveling and winding machines and other types of vehicles.


We are active in the field of engines and spare parts for airport vehicles and provide on-site service for any type of vehicle or system.

Energy generation

We supply engines and spares for traditional and renewable power generation plants, for land and sea vehicles.

Perforation and demolition

In the construction industry we supply engines and spares for drilling and demolition machines, with on-site maintenance and assistance.

Loghetto Interdiesel puts at your disposal a skilled staff, specialized in the distribution of diesel engines and diesel engine spare parts for the most varied sectors of activity: agriculture, construction, nautical, road, lifting, railway, airport, energy generation, drilling and demolition.

Our technical staff is at your disposal for any doubt or information, before or after the supply, and for a customized assistance service.

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